Top 8 countries with impressive cuisine in the world (part 1)

explore impressive cuisine in the world
Explore impressive cuisine in the world

Whether rich or poor, every nation has its own culinary characteristics. However, there are several countries where their unique culinary arts receive full of admiration in the whole world. This article will help you to explore top 8 countries with impressive cuisine in the world, namely, Thailand, India, Japan, Italy, Vietnam, South Korea, China and Spain.

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Thai cuisine features unique dishes that combines the sweetness and the sourness. In particular, the spiciness is the most outstanding taste. However, every dish still retains its own characteristic aroma. One of the highlights of Thai cuisine is the use of herbs that are good for health. In addition, Thai dishes contain low-fat content and fresh ingredients. Coming to Thailand, you should not miss the distinctive taste of some traditional street dishes. With the skillfulness of amateur chefs, you certainly will be satisfied with the pungent taste of meat curry, grilled dishes, shrimp hot pot or seafood hot pot.

Thailand cuisine
Thailand cuisine

Besides, you will also enjoy the salad mixed with the combination of many herbs only in Thailand. You also do not forget to enjoy sweet sticky rice cooking mango, sweet sticky durian extremely wonderful. Especially the Thai pad, a dish that tastes similar to Vietnamese stir-fried noodle soup.


Indian cuisine is very diverse in ingredients, flavors and cooking methods. Besides, Indian dishes are characterized by the harmonious combination of different spices. For the Indians, spices are considered an important factor in creating a delicious food. The majority of dishes in India often consists of the flour made from corn, barley or bean that can make the food viscous. Curry leaves are also commonly used as a major spice, which can create the characteristic flavor of the Indian cuisine.

Indian cuisine
Indian cuisine

Besides, spices in the form of water also contribute to creating the fragrance for Indian dishes. Most of them are extracted from herbs such as fennel, amomum tsaoko, star anise, pistachio, bay laurel and clove. Meanwhile, spices in the form of powder are made from fruits such as coconut, mango and tamarind that are effective in creating fat and sour tastes. In terms of Indian dining etiquette rules, Indians eat with their right hands. Even those left-hander are required to learn how to use their right hand to eat.


Japanese cuisine is famous for Sushi. But in reality, there are many other attractive dishes for tourists to enjoy when traveling to Japan such as vegetarian dishes, octopus ball, pancake, chicken rice and sweet food.

Japanese vegetarian dishes came into existence and have been gradually perfected over several centuries. The best place to enjoy this type of food is temples and shrines.

Japanese chicken rice
Japanese chicken rice

Chicken rice is a simple dish that only consists of rice, chicken, onion, egg and sauce. However, like other Japanese dishes, the characteristic of the chicken rice is the quality of the ingredients.

Pancake is made from the mixture of thick powder and chopped cabbage. You can add various kinds of stuffing like salted meat, cheese or seafood. When the food is cooked well, you can sprinkle the pancake with okonomi sauce, seaweed, mayonnaise and Katsuobushi.


Italy is well known for its leading fashion industry in the world and the unique culinary style with the perfect combination of ingredients. The master chefs of Italy are excellent at combining different flavors. From raw materials, flour, cereal, herbs and spices, they cook tasty dishes that still retain the flavor of the original ingredients. This is the culmination of culinary arts.

Italian food
Italian food

In reality, almost all the recipes are often discovered by home chef. These recipes nearly come from the experiences of food processing without reference to formulas of books. Some common ingredients are fruit, vegetable, meat, fish, sauce, potato, corn, rice, sausage and cheese. In short, the ingredients may vary by region but there are also different versions of one dish. That is the special characteristics of Italian cuisine.

The cuisine is one of the factors that attract tourists all over the world. If you are an enthusiast of food, you should not miss the chance to explore these unique cuisines. To get more understanding about the countries with outstanding cuisine, you can refer to Top 8 countries with amazing cuisine in the world ( part 2).