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The Most Dangerous Rivers in the World

Most dangerous rivers in the world

Amazon, Orinoco, Mekong and Yenisei are all the great rivers in the world. In addition, they play a role as an abundant supply to a variety of areas throughout the world. However, sometimes these rivers are fraught with enormous dangers. Even they can result in the death of humans if they get across the rivers at unreasonable times. For this reason, these rivers are also listed among the most dangerous rivers in the world. This article will provide you with some information about basic features of the above-mentioned rivers.

Most Famous Pagodas in China

Most famous pagodas in China

The most popular form of architecture associated with Buddhism are pagodas, which is also considered an important part of Asian culture. Its origin can be traced back to the third century BC when the first Indian stupas were built. The first pagodas were entirely built of wood. Then, more solid materials started to be introduced. To protect them from being burnt and decayed, this unique architectural style has developed. As a result, there is a considerable increase in the number of impressive pagodas. This article introduces the most famous pagodas in China – the largest country in Asia.

Top 7 Climbing Spots in Southeast Asia

Climbing spots in Southeast Asia

Besides stunning islands and beaches, Southeast Asia is home to a number of spectacular mountains. If you are a trekking enthusiast, it is recommended to start the journey to explore following 7 climbing spots in Southeast Asia including Mount Rinjani (Indonesia), Cameron Highlands (Malaysia), Sapa (Vietnam), Mount Fansipan (Vietnam), Banaue Rice Terraces (Philippines), Bromo volcano (Indonesia) and Mount Kinabalu (Indonesia).

6 Healthy Foods to Increase the Children’s Height

Health foods to increase the children’s height

In order for your child to increase the height optimally, many parents use some common methods including instructing children to exercise regularly and, properly every day and sending children to a deep sleep. Besides, a good diet plays a very important role because it enormously contributes to the height of the child. This article will introduce some types of healthy foods to increase the children’s height including milk, sweet potato, chicken egg, seafood and water.

Top 5 Animals that Are As Intelligent As Humans

Top 5 animals that are as intelligent as humans

With the great intelligence, quite a few animals can use tools to take food, cook food or add spices to food. African grey parrot, orangutan, dolphin, Japanese monkey and Kanzi chimpanzee are top 5 animals that are as intelligent as humans. These species can learn a lot of skills without being taught by humans.

Explore 5 Best Food in Thailand

Best Food in Thailand
Best food in Thailand

Thai cuisine is a subtle blend of herbs, spices and fresh foods and is created by unique cooking styles. Each dish owns all the tastes including spicy, sour, sweet and bitter tastes. Thai cuisine is one of the most outstanding factors that attract tourists to this country. This article will show the list of the best food in Thailand.

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Some Suggestions of Drinks for Healthy Eyes

Drinks for healthy eyes

Besides some nutritious foods such as liver of animals, Goji berry, mulberry, black sesame, tuber fleece flower, Chinese yam and chicken eggs; quite a few types of beverage have a considerable contribution to eyes health. Some typical drinks for healthy eyes include banana smoothie and tomato; long yellow day lily with rock sugar; black bean milk and walnuts; carrot juice and cow’s milk; lemon juice and carrot; yogurt and tomato; papaya juice and carrot.

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10 Kinds of Fruits and Vegetables for Weight Loss

10 kinds of fruits and vegetables for weight loss

The main principle of a weight-reducing diet to lose weight is that you have to consume fewer calories than the amount necessary for your body to operate. Vegetables and fruits contain a small amount of calorie; therefore, you can eat these food products instead of the food with high calories. Following are 10 kinds of fruits and vegetables for weight loss.

Good and Bad Foods for the Liver

Good and bad foods for the liver

Hepatitis can originate from some causes such as alcohol consumption, hepatitis virus, malnutrition, toxic substances including paracetamol, cigarettes and marijuana or hereditary defects and autoimmune disorders. In addition, excess weight, taking little exercise, high content of cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease also can put you at risk of liver disease, especially fatty liver. Therefore, you should learn more about the good and bad foods for the liver. They create the condition for the liver to carry out its function in a proper way.

List the Names of 10 Richest Cities in China

10 richest cities in China
10 richest cities in China

Besides popular names such as Shanghai and Beijing, other cities like Chengdu, Wuhan and Tianjin are the most prosperous places in China – the country with a population of over 1.381 billion. Following is the list of 10 richest cities in China including Wuhan, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Suzhou, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai.