Some Suggestions of Drinks for Healthy Eyes

Drinks for healthy eyes

Besides some nutritious foods such as liver of animals, Goji berry, mulberry, black sesame, tuber fleece flower, Chinese yam and chicken eggs; quite a few types of beverage have a considerable contribution to eyes health. Some typical drinks for healthy eyes include banana smoothie and tomato; long yellow day lily with rock sugar; black bean milk and walnuts; carrot juice and cow’s milk; lemon juice and carrot; yogurt and tomato; papaya juice and carrot.

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Banana smoothie and tomato

You prepare 500 grams of thinly sliced banana, 300 grams of sliced tomatoes, 2 spoons of orange juice and 1 spoon of lemon juice. You can add a half of cup of shaved ice.

Banana smoothie and tomato

You put the mixture into the blender, then pour it into a cup to drink. Note that you only peel and cut bananas just before eating or processing so that the bananas are not too soft and change color.

Banana smoothie and tomato are considered to be highly nutritious. Besides, they act as a tranquilizer; help to strengthen eyesight and protect eyes. These fruits are very good for those who suffer from insomnia, visual fatigue and poor eyesight.

Long yellow day lily (citron daylily) with rock sugar

You prepare 100 grams of citron daylily that need washing and draining to boil down with 100-150 grams of rock sugar. You should eat this food at night, especially one to two hours before you go to sleep.

Long yellow day lily

This is also a nutritious food, make us feel relaxed and detoxify toxins. The patients with insomnia and discomfort are advised to eat this food.

Black bean (catjang) milk and walnuts

The main ingredients consist of 500 grams of black beans that are then dry in a pan and powdered and 500 grams of walnuts which are also dried to remove the peel, then let cool and ground to dust. For each of them, you take 10 grams to mix in a glass of hot milk, then add a teaspoon of honey. This food should be served in early morning or after breakfast.


This dish support to enhance eyes health, protects the eyes and promote the regulatory function of the eyes, improve eyes fatigue caused by excessive work and cure dry eyes.

Carrot juice and cow’s milk

You need to prepare 100 grams of peeled, washed and sliced carrots. Then, you put carrots, 100 ml of cow’s milk and a little honey into the blender. The juice should be divided into two portions for drinking when you get hungry.

Carrot juice

For another way, you can peel and wash 100 grams of carrots and an apple, then slice them into small pieces before putting them into a blender. After that, you add a spoon of lemon juice, a bit sugar or honey.

Carrot juice is able to prevent the infection, enhance the resistance, improve the eyesight. In addition, it is helpful for the children with asthma, malnutrition and nightly sweats.

Lemon juice and carrot

The ingredients include a spoon of lemon juice, an apple, and a carrot. You remove the peel of the apple and the carrot and cut up them into tiny cubes and combine them in a blender. You add lemon juice and a little sugar and stir the mixture.

Lemon juice and carrot

This drink should be served immediately, iced or supplemented with some ice. In addition to the ability to remove the heat from your body and stimulate digestion, this beverage contributes to improving eyesight and reducing eye fatigue.

Yogurt and tomato

A pot of yogurt, two tomatoes, water and lemon juice are necessary things to make a nutritious drink. Tomatoes are washed, sliced and put into a blender together with other ingredients.

Yogurt and tomato

This beverage is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, which helps to fight against heat, protect eyes, enhance eyesight and take care of skin.

Papaya juice and carrot

You prepare ripe 100 grams of papayas, bananas and carrots.  You combine all the things with coconut milk and coconut meat; then you add a little honey to increase the sweetness. You should drink every other day.

Papaya juice and carrot

This juice contains many nutrients; reduce anxiety and brighten your eyes. This is a perfect choice for those who deal with a debilitating disease, poor digestion, failing eyesight, insomnia or nervousness.

If you have some problems or diseases related to eyes, it is recommended that you should drink the above-mentioned beverages to improve your health of eyes.