Top 5 Animals that Are As Intelligent As Humans

Top 5 animals that are as intelligent as humans

With the great intelligence, quite a few animals can use tools to take food, cook food or add spices to food. African grey parrot, orangutan, dolphin, Japanese monkey and Kanzi chimpanzee are top 5 animals that are as intelligent as humans. These species can learn a lot of skills without being taught by humans.

African grey parrot with the human ability to reason

The African grey parrot has the ability to reason to find out the place for hiding food, which is almost done by humans and monkeys. After conducting a study, Sandra Mikolasch said that African grey parrot could select exactly the cup containing food in 23 out of 30 trials. Before that, only monkeys had been so far able to do this, but in simpler experiments. In addition, the cups used for the experiments were all see-through glasses.

African grey parrot

Orangutans learn to catch fish with a harpoon

The scientific research shows that orangutans have the considerable strength when they can lift the object that is 10 times as heavy as their body weight. In addition, the orangutan is one of the smartest primates with the ability to use tools skillfully.

The most obvious evidence for the ability to use the tool is that orangutans can catch fish with a harpoon. In 2008, the staff at the animal conversation area on Kaja island of Borneo witnessed the phenomenon that the orangutans hung themselves on branches to catch fish with a harpoon, which is a common way used by local residents.


Certainly, orangutans observed the way the humans use tools to injure other species. Then, they quickly learn and calmly use a sharp knife to finish their prey off.

However, it is fortunate for humans that Physical evolution can not satisfy the orangutans’ desire. It is impossible for them to catch any fish because they are not deft enough. But they are able to use sticks to thrust down fruits on the branches.

Dolphins use sponges as masks

The dolphin or bottlenose dolphin is very intelligent and friendly to humans. The images of the dolphins performing circus in swimming pools become quite familiar to us. However, many of you will be surprised by the fact that the dolphin knows how to use sponge masks.

Dolphins often plunge their nose deep into the seafloor to search for food. For this reason, the dolphins are sometimes attacked by some sea creatures with poisonous prickles, typically the Synanceia.

Bottlenose dolphin

Therefore, the dolphins in the Shark Bay in Australia know how to take sponges to wear them in front of their noses as a protective mask.

Scientists first noticed this phenomenon in 2005, but some researchers have shown that dolphins used sponge masks 180 years ago.

Now, more than half of the dolphins in the Shark Bay take advantage of sponges to hunt for food while the remaining ones use other types of masks that are similar to sponges.

Japanese monkeys add spices to food and play snowballs

Humans are probably the only species that eat and drink according to taste instead of the necessary amount of nutrition. Meanwhile, most of other animals will put food in their mouths for eating as long as the food does not kill them.

However, the Japanese macaque is quite different from other species. The event began in 1953 when researchers gave sweet potatoes to monkeys with the aim of investigating their eating habits.

Japanese macaque

During the test, Imo, a monkey that was renamed by the researchers, washed the food in salt water with the intention of removing the sand.

But then, Imo realized that steeping sweet potatoes in salt water would make the salt soak in the potatoes and the taste is much better than before. Imo was immediately excited and screamed together with all the fellow creatures there. After that, all of them salted the potatoes for eating.

Furthermore, Imo and his fellow-being entertain themselves with snowballs, a favorite game of many people in winter.

Kanzi chimpanzees can cook themselves some food

It is little known that not only human but also Kanzi chimpanzee know how to cook the food and make meals more delicious.

The Kanzi chimpanzee is a member of Bonobo; is living in the charitable conservation area in Iowa, Congo and can cook their own food on the campfire that is put up by themselves. The logs are carefully collected from everywhere and arranged in piles, not just from the surrounding area.

Kanzi chimpanzee

In addition, Kanzi can fire and cook the food evenly themselves. Interestingly, all the skills are done by Kanzi without the instructions of humans.

Kanzi can imitate humans after observing steps for hundreds of times. Now, they are teaching their baby named Teco and it is possible that this skill will be passed down from generation to generation.

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