6 Healthy Foods to Increase the Children’s Height

Health foods to increase the children’s height

In order for your child to increase the height optimally, many parents use some common methods including instructing children to exercise regularly and, properly every day and sending children to a deep sleep. Besides, a good diet plays a very important role because it enormously contributes to the height of the child. This article will introduce some types of healthy foods to increase the children’s height including milk, sweet potato, chicken egg, seafood and water.


Milk is one of the best foods that help your child to develop the height in the most effective way. You are advised to supplement your baby’s diet with milk from their first years of life till the time when he or she gains optimal heights. The reason is that milk is rich in calcium, which is a nutrient that helps to produce bones and keeps bones strong. In addition, the products made from milk such as yogurt, cheese and butter all contain very high levels of calcium.

Milk help to increase the height

On the market, there are many types of milk supporting children to increase the height; therefore, it is not easy to choose a reputable milk brand that is suitable for your baby. One of the most popular products is Vitagrow, a nutritious product of VitaDairy. Vitagrow contains MK7, which contributes to activating the factors that are able to mobilize and mineralize Calcium. Drinking Vitagrow will build the strength of bones, helps children to grow taller and achieve an ideal height and a standard structure when they grow up.

Sweet potato

Sweet potato is familiar to almost all of us but quite a few people have not realized its benefits. In reality, sweet potato is extremely good for our health. In particular, it supports digestion, provides a high calcium content and creates a good condition for the increase in the children’s height.

Sweet potato

Besides other nutrients, a sweet potato provides about 55mg calcium and a sweet potato contains about 76mg calcium. Therefore, it is recommended that sweet potato should be used as the raw materials to process delicious dishes for children to help to stimulate the development of height. Some dishes made from sweet potato are sweet potato soup, steamed sweet potato, baked sweet potatoes with yogurt, cheese and sweet potato cake.

Chicken egg

In addition to calcium, protein is an essential element in developing the children’s height. Chicken egg is one of the foods that are high in protein.

Chicken egg

That is why children should be fed on chicken eggs regularly. You can process chicken eggs into different foods suitable for children such as soup, porridge or omelet with bread. However, this food is just for the children over 9-month year old. The reason is that if the children under 9-month year old eat chicken eggs, they may suffer from a high risk of allergy.


Seafood dishes are rich in calcium, therefore, they are essential to the development of human height. In addition, seafood consists of many nutrients that make the children’s body easily absorb calcium like vitamin D, K and B1. For this reason, the meals for children should be supplemented with types of seafood such as shrimp, crab and salmon.

Seafood for children

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are the rich sources of vitamins and minerals necessary for the overall development of children in general and the height development in particular. Accordingly, the addition of some fruits and vegetables to the children’s daily diet is indispensable.

Fruits and vegetables


Children need providing with plenty of water every day because water is of crucial importance in enhancing your baby’s height. The functions of water are to purify the body, eliminate toxins, promote muscle growth, create conditions for the organs to work effectively and strengthen the bones. As a result, forming the habit of drinking a lot of water at a young age is very important.

Drink plenty of water

In addition to the supplement of six foods supporting children to promote height effectively to the daily diet of the baby, the parents need to give children other types of food that are rich in nutrients and teach them to regularly take exercise to increase height. Besides, a deep sleep every day is a large contributor to the physical and mental development of a child.